Kathleen Good
Artist Statement 2014

Recent work is about navigating through both exotic and familiar settings such as the botanical gardens or my kitchen table. I am looking and painting piece by piece with a constant ebb and flow between making joyful discoveries to losing my place again. The idea of getting lost, or the loss of certainty, is a signal for me that painting my observation is no longer just about description but how I explore and move around in a space. The process is not static, but full of adjustments and questions – even a dance. Often, it is color that draws me in. As the light shifts, it becomes a chase to get down what I originally found so compelling. I’ve had to keep it simple, and stay in a beginner’s mindset, which is a good place to be as a painter. It’s that honesty that keeps me aware of the pleasures of seeing, as well as motivated by all the surprises that unfold as I work.